Management & Strategy Consulting

We are a proven strategic management consulting firm in USA serving leading businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations. Our services include strategy consulting for transformation initiatives, technology evaluation and execution, Systems Integration, Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation and Upstream & Downstream business systems and software integration.


We analyze and develop solution plans for wide range of challenges and opportunities across multiple industry and organizational spectrum. Our industry specific consultants and associates have deep cross functional experience in building strategy, organizational change, process modeling and technology plans. Our consulting practices provides strategy and services across diverse axis within engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, corporate finance, Human resource, Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resource,  performance improvements, process modeling redesign, procurement, Supply Chain Management, risk management, sustainability solutions and technology initiatives. We provide our clients rigorous, data-driven process solutions based on our industrial knowledge and expertise.


The capabilities of our innovative strategy and management consultants are as below.


We provide Discovery and Feasibility Study to our clients for systems and software investment in transformation technologies. Our cloud study will provide the clients with technical do-ability analysis, operational analysis, schedule feasibility and cost/benefit modeling.



We prepare business case for the clients for system and software implementation. The business case deliverable are provided with tangible benefit realization, process transformation recommendation and reduced Total cost of Ownership. The components include business drivers, scope, recommendations, metrics, strategic options, cash flow and next steps.



Our technology roadmap advisory strategy provides leadership and sponsorship team with   path of execution of their vision, scope and technology drivers. It helps our client communicate short-term, near-term and long-term initiative with right technology solution to their respective stakeholders.



We provide business process management advisory services that includes best practices, bench marking by industries, process modeling, automation recommendation, execution path, process controls & compliance and optimization of business activity flow enterprise wide. Thorough analysis of business process provides opportunities for cost savings and improved efficiency.



We specialize in Project Management for mission-critical initiatives, PMO Services, Oversight advisory in large transformation projects for different industries. Our Project Management advisory services helps you improve PMO functions with proven project management skills and time-tested approaches that have been implemented at large scale organizations.