Cloud Computing Strategy and Consulting Services

Our cloud computing management services include cloud strategy, design, development and implementation of cloud solution. We help our clients determine and evaluate the best cloud ROI and TCO. We simplify the Capex vs Opex cost breaks within IT and determine the solutions for shifting IT spend. Cloud economics is based on usage billing model like Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and elastic pricing that would help the organization consume IT spending as a service usage cost. Organization will be able to scale-up and scale-down the service usage cost based on forecasted growth and revenue projections.

Our cloud management consultants provide strategy on key cloud decision for enterprise, organization and departments across industry spectrum and prepare detailed cost/benefit analysis for cloud solutions. Our technologist will help define your business case for cloud implementation and help answer key challenges listed below

  • We are heavily invested in data centers and hardware’s that is already purchased and installed into racks. How does it help us save cost with cloud solution?

  • Does it make sense to have cloud initiative when our software and hardware are partially depreciated? What is our value proposition for going to cloud?

  • What are the challenges with cloud transformation and industry trends?