Mobile Applications

Are you looking out for new ways to…

• Allow your employees easy access to manufacturing, enterprise and business intelligence at any time?

• Boost operational efficiencies?

• Improve collaboration, communication, and workflow?

• Improve your responsiveness in terms of timeliness as well as quality?

• Promote faster decision-making?

Allow your organization to go mobile and capitalize on the mobile revolution

Make your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application as effective on any location as it is within the boundaries of your office. Tap the potential of ERP mobile solutions by getting the functionality, data, and features of your ERP applications integrated in your employees’ mobile devices.

As mobility becomes more predominant and as organizations adopt a flexible approach towards operations, your employees are most likely to appreciate a mobile way to stay connected with the business and its operations, to get access to important information, and to deliver outcomes in a timely manner.

Therefore, it is your prime responsibility to ensure that you select an ERP solution that will have scale-up features as well as the capability to be integrated with emerging technology solutions, including mobile ERP platforms.


Productivity : allow your employees to utilize available time in a productive way. Mobile ERP solutions will help your employees to get access to tools, materials, and information and to stay connected reducing downtime.

Competitive Advantage : your mobile ERP system will deliver real-time information to your employees and clients right on the spot, which will boost your competitive advantage.

Standard of Service :enhance your customer service standard by allowing your customers easy and on-time access to information.

Business Relationships : build strong relationships with your customers. When your employees have in-depth information at their fingertips, they are not only able to address your customers’ queries in an appropriate manner, but also in a timely way.

Data Capture Efficiency : with mobile ERP solution, your employees can accurately enter data that they collect from the field without having to re-enter the data into back-end systems – a process that entails a high probability of error.

At Project Experts 360 LLC, we have a team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of Android and iOS mobile operating systems and mobility computing operating systems who are proficient in designing mobile ERP solutions that are based on your daily business operations and key business needs.