Strategic Partnership

At Project Experts 360 LLC, we believe in strong relationships with vendors, customers, clients, employees and third parties that we do business with, are crucial to the success of our business. Reliable strategic partnerships that are based on mutually beneficial associations facilitate us to build a service model that serves the best interests of our clients and end-users. The stronger these strategic partnerships are the stronger are our capability to deliver client-focused outcomes.

Whether we deliver project and program management solutions to our clients or we help Management advisory services or technology capability solutions we remain confident about our standard and quality of the service as we know that our vendors and strategic partners are always ready to support us with innovative problem-solving techniques in the best possible manner.

Our Partners

Oracle: We are Oracle Gold Partners and we maintain our oracle relationship for more than two decades. Our consultants are in depth knowledge about Oracle application for on-premises and cloud solutions and we have helped multiple clients through Oracle ERP transformation. Our consultants and advisory services include both industry knowledge and business process expertise across enterprise value chain.

Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS is one of the most reputed cloud services platforms offering functionalities such as database storage, computing power, and content delivery to millions of customers across 190 nations. With the AWS secure cloud platform, our clients are able to capitalize on flexibility, capability, and consistency.

The AWS platform requires clients to pay only for the computing resources that they utilize, which means clients do not need to bear the costs of upfront investment or any regular operational cost.

The AWS platform allows users to boost the speed of operations. Innovative IT resources allow developers to reduce lead times and expenses during different phases of system deployment phases. Clients have the option to select the functionality that they require and can scale up or scale down depending on their needs.

Microsoft: Project Experts 360 LLC has provided client technology solutions on Microsoft to create innovative joint solutions, allowing our clients to capitalize on their technology investments. We exercise adequate care to assign appropriate strategic points of control in our clients’ infrastructure, thereby ensuring efficient application deployment. Our team, with its strong knowledge of application integration and deployment and with a strong support system, perfects augments the security, performance, and availability attributes that Microsoft solutions are recognized for.

IBM: We are partners with IBM to provide consulting solution at wide variety of requirements in different domains including asset management, sales, procurement, service, finance, and manufacturing. IBM’s solutions are deeply focused to address the specific needs of midsize companies and we work together to develop and deliver industry-specific solutions.

We assign dedicated professionals to every project, ensuring that consultants become aware of our clients’ specific needs and are able to deliver appropriate solutions. We work together to optimize our clients’ IT resources to help them boost productivity and meet their strategic as well as tactical objectives.